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At Mommens – our goal is to help keep our customer comfortable. We want your furnace and air conditioning running at its highest efficiency and providing you with the maximum amount of comfort. We feel bad when we have to charge our customers to do simple repairs they might have been able to fix without our help. Here are a few of the most preventable services calls and some troubleshooting steps.

My Furnace Won’t Start

If your furnace won’t start, here are a few things to try before you give us a call:

  • Look at your thermostat. Is it set to heat? If not, that should fix the problem.
  • If it’s set to heat, next see if the thermostat is set above room temperature. If not, try setting it hotter than the room temperature.
  • If the thermostat is set correctly, then move to the unit itself. Is the switch/service disconnect on the side of the furnace turned on? If not, turn the switch on.
  • If that wasn’t the problem, next check the circuit breaker. Make sure it is on. You can also turn the circuit breaker off and then turn it back on.
  • If you have a gas furnace – check the pilot light and see if it’s lit or even if your furnace has one. If the furnace is newer than 1990, it may not have one. If the furnace should have one, follow the directions on the gas valve to light it.
  • Finally, check your filter. If the filter isn’t clean, it can affect the furnace from working correctly. Try replacing it.
My Air Conditioner Does Not Work

If your air conditioner doesn’t work, here are a few things to try before you give us a call:

  • Just like the furnace, start with the thermostat. Check to make sure it’ set to cool.
  • If it is and still not working, then make sure the thermostat is set below the room temperature. If not, try setting it lower than the room temperature.
  • Once these steps are followed, let’s move on to the actual air conditioner. Make sure the switch/service disconnect on the side of the furnace is turned on.
  • Next, check the circuit breaker. Try turning it off and then back on.
  • Is the disconnect (located outside by the air conditioner, usually gray in color) pushed in all of the way? Open the door to the disconnect and push the pullout all the way in. Some disconnects have a circuit breaker. Turn the breaker off and back on. Shut the door.)
  • Finally, check your filter. A clogged filter can prevent your air conditioner from cooling properly. If it looks dirty, replace it.
There Is Water Around My Furnace
  • If the air conditioner is running and there is no water coming out of the drain, the line could be clogged. Also, the same can be said for your furnace if it uses a pvc pipe for a flue. Use a shop vac to pull any clogs through the end of the drain line.
  • Is the evaporator drain leaking? You will need to have a technician come to your home to check the pan. If there is water coming out of the drain line and there is water around the furnace, this could be an indication of a bad drain pan. The evaporator coil may also be out of level.
My Carbon Monoxide Detector Is Sounding An Alarm

If this occurs, then call us immediately. If possible, take the following steps:

  • Turn off all gas fired appliances
  • Extinguish a burning fireplace
  • Open all doors and windows to ventilate the space

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    Happy Customers

    Josh SchrockJosh Schrock
    15:58 03 Mar 24
    Mommens has always taken care of every HVAC and Cooling needs we've had. Highly recommended!
    Gary KeithGary Keith
    21:12 20 Jan 24
    Great Service! Nick was Super!!
    Samuel BarrettSamuel Barrett
    02:49 22 Jul 23
    Fast service, very professional, and reasonable rates. They've done a fair bit of work for us, and we've never had any complaints. From emergency call-outs to checkups, they've taken care of us.
    J OneJ One
    18:58 06 Jul 23
    Mommens has come to the rescue multiple times now. Derik (sorry if I spelled that wrong) is an awesome employee. He's smart, knowledgeable, quick, and does an amazing job. Plus they are quick! I called at 8am and they had someone at my house shortly after 9. Definitely my go to from now on.
    13:05 29 Jun 23
    Best AC company!!! Zane is amazing and a very hard worker. He goes above and beyond
    Bei FioriBei Fiori
    18:52 26 Jun 23
    Really impressed with these guys. They showed up same-day and were quick, friendly, and professional. They answered my questions, gave me some good info on my unit, and explained the problem, as well as what they were doing to fix it. Would definitely recommend them.
    bradford millsbradford mills
    16:46 26 Apr 23
    I had mommens come out and check my mom's a/c unit to make sure the freon was full and to check the furnace .they cleaned the blower fan and put freon in the a/c unit. Derek and Richard both guys did a fantastic job . And I give them both a 5 star rating . I highly recommend for all of your a/c and furnace needs.
    Jessica OlsonJessica Olson
    14:37 17 Oct 22
    I called them at 8 am and they had someone to my house by 9 am. They got my heat working again in no time.
    Samantha MalottSamantha Malott
    00:40 16 Oct 22
    It took them a bit to get the parts we needed, so they came in to do what they could to keep my kids cool. It was reasonably priced and they didn't try to pressure us into spending more than necessary.
    Mark ParisMark Paris
    00:59 05 Jul 22
    The gentleman that came out to give me an estimate on a new HVAC system, was absolutely GREAT.My furnace had gone out, and he went above and beyond my expectations!!The furnace is what has shot craps, but was of course affecting the AC.He made sure I had AC before he left, NO CHARGE!!I will be using them for a new HVAC system as soon as I can afford it, and the price he quoted me was great.
    Debra LoveDebra Love
    23:39 06 Jun 22
    These people are just the best ever! The times they have been here except for one maintenance visit, we were in trouble - once when we came home from church on a Sunday in the frigid winter temps to find no heat in the house and another time this year when our AC went out in the heat of the day. Contacted them on the emergency line on the Sunday and he was there in less than an hour (we don't live in Mexico either) and had heat going again in no time! Recently when AC wasn't working called them around 4 pm and they offered to come right out, but since it wasn't scorching hot, we had them come the next morning. They have also done some repair on a gas log fireplace insert for us. They are responsive, professional, friendly and don't gouge you on their fees; we've always felt they were very fair on their pricing! Can't say enough good about this business!
    Valeri ChapmanValeri Chapman
    02:20 06 Jul 21
    Called their emergency line close to 8pm on a July evening, because the fan on our AC unit quit working. Technician Chris was here within a hour, and had the issue fixed in about 30 minutes. Nice and informative, would recommend.
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