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Remembering to Change Your Filter is a Huge Task but It\'s Something Every Homeowner Needs To Do

Why Changing Your Air Filter is a Must!

We’ve all been there. A hectic schedule, children’s sports, church functions, family dinners, birthday parties and the like keep us from remembering probably one of the most important household jobs we need to get done- changing the filters on your air conditioner! Suddenly, when you need it the most, your home isn’t cooling off like it should and the feeling of dread comes back upon you as your remember the new filter, sitting right next to your unit downstairs.

You’ve heard us, and companies like us, preach this is an essential part of home ownership. We all know filters tend to catch those pollen and dust particles that like to get stirred up whenever a good wind blows outside.

What happens if you don’t change it? For starters, as it collects more and more of those pesky particles, the fine mesh through which air passes becomes denser. Then the following can happen:

  • The blower fan has to work twice as hard to push air and when it does this; your bills are going to go up, up and up!
  • When your HVAC system has to work this hard, your living areas may not get the air flow they need to keep up the optimum level of comfort.
  • Your system could overheat or freeze up.
  • The additional materials on the filter could provide a space for moisture to gather. You know what this means- mold! If it grows on the wrong side of the filter, your home could be the perfect place for it to blow and grow elsewhere.
  • Particles can settle in your ducts or surfaces since they won’t be taken out with the system.

What can you do? For starters, you have to make changing your filters a habit- kind of like making sure your take your daily medication or remember to give your pet their flea/tick preventative or heartworm medicine.

Chris recommends changing your filter every month.  He states that something as simple as making it an easy date to remember, like the first of the month, can put it at the forefront of your mind.  If your lucky number is seven- change it on the seventh day of the month – whatever you choose, just make it memorable.

Other ways you can remember:

  • Did you know WiFi programmable thermostats can give you reminders on when to change your air filter?
  • Why not put your phone to good use? Apps like Google Calendar can let you plug in dates. When you have 20 minutes of free time, why not schedule reminders for six months out? Then 30 minutes before the time you select, you will receive a reminder to change it that day.
  • Store your extra filters in a place where you will see them regularly and on the day you should change them. Remember the saying- out of sight, out of mind? It rings true here too.
  • Link changing the filter to a monthly chore that you actually remember. Like, on the day you clean out your refrigerator; make it a habit to link changing the filter with that.

Do you have a tip? We’d love to hear it!


Posted Date: 2017-05-01

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