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Schedule an Air Conditioner Maintenance This Spring

We\'ve all been there. After several nice days, the pollen count increases, your home\'s temperature reaches uncomfortable levels and you turn your air conditioner on; only to find that it isn\'t cooling quite like it did last fall. You change the filter, you go through all the trouble shooting steps to no avail. Finally, you break down and call the professionals to help you decipher what it going on. Sound familiar? 

Did you know a regular maintenance check on your air conditioner before you use it can end the frustration? It\'s true! Early spring maintenance can prevent small repairs from turning into large ones later on. Plus, by scheduling routine maintenance early in the spring, you can stop the hassle of waiting during those pesky peak AC times when the temperatures and humidity are too much for you to take.

There is one main reason to schedule an AC checkup and that reason is your wallet. By doing so, you can save money.  You greatly increase the chances that your technician will catch small problems before they become larger ones. For example, paying for a small refrigerant leak shouldn\'t cost much more than the maintenance call. If left untreated, that small leak could end up making you buy a new compressor, which is a thousand dollars or more.

The other way this simple call can help you save money is by insuring that your air conditioner is working at its optimal efficiency. When your air conditioner is running correctly, it uses less energy to cool your home and lower energy use means bigger savings for your monthly utility bills.

Scheduling a tune-up is easy! Just give our office a call and we will get to your home in no time. Discover the Mommens Heating and Cooling difference today!  

Posted Date: 2016-04-09

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